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Bulk Terry Cloth Towels

Removing road grime from a vehicle can be quite a tedious task. Sometimes dirt and mud can become stuck on and this is not good for the exterior paint on the car. In addition to the grimy conditions on the outside of the vehicle it is extremely easy to accidentally transfer debris and dirt into … Continue reading “Bulk Terry Cloth Towels”

Wholesale terry cloth car wash towels

When it comes to detailing a car there is a wide assortment of towel sizes that are ideal to get the job done. Many car washes and auto detail shops also utilize color coded towels to depict each step of the process. Other than microfiber towels many car washes and detail shops also use 100% … Continue reading “Wholesale terry cloth car wash towels”

Bulk car was microfiber towels

Washing your automobile has never been easier then when you are using Auto Towels car wash microfiber towels. Our towels are designed to strategically trap and lock dirt, debris and even lint away from your vehicle’s surface. This means your car will shine without left behind imperfections each time. Car wash owners and detail shop … Continue reading “Bulk car was microfiber towels”

Car wash wholesale microfiber towels

As a car wash or detail shop owner and operator you know the value of a high quality microfiber towel for your business. It is counterproductive to purchase a low price and low quality towel because even if you save on large bulk orders you will end up replacing those towels several times throughout a … Continue reading “Car wash wholesale microfiber towels”

Bulk Car wash drying towels

Spending a lot of time establishing a meticulously clean car can be ruined by a less than satisfactory end result. When you use car wash drying towels that are poorly constructed they can leave behind lint and trace amounts of debris that will easily be visually spotted. This is absolutely avoidable. As a car wash … Continue reading “Bulk Car wash drying towels”

Wholesale Car wash Drying towels

Car wash drying towels are an important part of the car wash business. There are towels designed, and often color coded, for each process of the wash but the drying towels are the ones that finish the job. The end result of each wash and detail is what keeps your valued customers returning to your … Continue reading “Wholesale Car wash Drying towels”

Wholesale Towels for car wash business

You would not get out of your shower and use a wash rag to dry off with. With this in mind you should not consider using just any towel when it comes time to clean your vehicle. If you are a DIY car wash and detail officiant then you will want to stock your home … Continue reading “Wholesale Towels for car wash business”

Wholesale Car Wash Towels

What exactly sets Auto Towels apart from our competitions when it comes to car wash towels? First is the value we pass on to our customers. We are the manufacturer and the distributor. This means we have effectively cut out the middle man and are able to pass those savings down to our loyal and … Continue reading “Wholesale Car Wash Towels”

Auto Towels For Wholesale Prcing

Variety is key when it comes to operating a successful car wash, detail shop or body repair shop. It is important to have the best supplies on hand for your crew. Auto Towels has been an industry leader when it comes to providing high quality auto towels to these business coast to coast. Your customers … Continue reading “Auto Towels For Wholesale Prcing”

Microfiber towels for Car Wash

Whether you are a car wash, detail shop or distributor you have most likely heard of Auto Towels. Just in case we are new to you let’s get acquainted! We are a high end producer of microfiber towels for all aspects of the auto wash and detail industry. What makes our towels so special? They … Continue reading “Microfiber towels for Car Wash”