Microfiber towels for Car Wash

Whether you are a car wash, detail shop or distributor you have most likely heard of Auto Towels. Just in case we are new to you let’s get acquainted! We are a high end producer of microfiber towels for all aspects of the auto wash and detail industry. What makes our towels so special? They are made with precision and care to create lint-free towels that will trap dirt and debris and lock it away. Auto Towels microfiber towels effortlessly help your detail and wash staff effectively complete their jobs. When your staff is using high quality products it shows in the work performed and the end result. Your car wash and detail shop customers will return time and time again to your business because they know your company and your employees utilize high quality products that results in impressive details and washes each and every time. What makes us so convenient? We have two distribution locations within the United States. One of our distribution locations is on the West coast in Los Angeles California and the other is conveniently located on the East coast in Greenville South Carolina. Our main towel manufacturing factory is located in China. This means we are able to ship anywhere coast to coast and quickly provide our customers with their needed orders.

Now that you are feeling familiar with our company you may be wondering about our order placement process. Our customers return time and time again because they know that we can fulfill any sized order. Auto Towels keeps more than 4 million auto towels in stock and ready to ship to our customers within 1 to 3 business days. This large quantity on hand allows us to fill even the largest sized orders in a timely fashion. As a customer you will never be left in a lurch. You may find yourself in dire need of new inventory and not sure where to turn for a massive order in a pinch. Auto Towels has you covered! Even more impressive is the fact that we pass savings on to our customers that place large orders. Because we are a wholesale direct supplier of towels we cut out the middle man. This allows us to offer deeper discounts on our customers’ orders. The larger the order equates to higher savings passed down to our customers. The more you save on your operating merchandise the more you profit.

When we say we bring you the best auto towels we mean it. On top of the lint free tight woven composure we also feature an impressive selection of sizes and colors for all aspects of your business. Auto Towels understands the need to color code and use certain sizes for certain steps in the detail process. Our towels are available in: 16×26, 16×27, 16×16, 15×25, 16×27 and microfiber wax applicator pads. These options are available in up to a dozen colors per some sizes and each towel offers supreme absorbency, plush softness and low lint. Now that you are familiar with Auto Towels we look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your ordering needs.1