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AutoTowels a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of bulk Car Wash Towels and Microfiber Towels to United States large Car Wash chain operators and Car detailing companies. Our Supply chain also provides our Car Wash Towel products to many distributors that resell to end users. AutoTowels stocks lint-free microfiber towels, wholesale towels, bulk terry towels, bulk shop towels, shop rags, car wash towels. Stop searching for the main source, you have found it!
Stop Paying so much for Car Wash and Microfiber towels and Cloths for your business. We are the factory and our goal supply car washes directly now cutting out the middle men distributors that have high markups. Its time your company saves money and gets better quality Car drying Towels. We carry a simple line of the Best Microfiber Towels and Lint Free Terry Towels at wholesale prices that are up to 50% less cost than some of the companies such as Ercwipe.com, TheRagCompany.com, ChemicalGuys.com. We have purchase minimums that are normal for business to business sales. We will sell direct to Full service Carwashes and Car Wash Detailers until a distributor signs a contract with us in of which then we will designate them to be our sales force for that city or state. We currently have a distributor in Arizona and will not sell direct there. All other States are still open for direct Car washes to purchase from us