Best Car Drying Towels for Your Car Wash and Detail Shop

When you are in the business of providing clean cars for people you need to have the best supplies. There are multiple times during the year when car washes experience an influx of customers. As soon as the weather breaks and people need to wash dirt and mud or road salt from their cars it is important to be prepared to provide quality results to your loyal customers. High quality car wash supplies such as soaps and sanitizing agents are extremely important in providing a clean automobile but car wash towels are often the last product to touch the vehicle. It is extremely important to use top quality car detailing towels that will leave lint free and gleaming cleanliness for your customers. Car dealerships also experience high sale and trade in times. It is most common to find people purchasing year end deals before the new make and models are available. This puts the detailing crews at dealerships into overtime work and they heavily rely on high quality microfiber towels to properly clean and detail trade in vehicles.

When you purchase your bulk car wash towels you need to be sure your large purchase is providing you with the best car drying towel. Low quality towels can often leave lint build up behind on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Worse case situations include low quality towels leaving small scratches in the paint on the car. Microfiber towels are used for all of the steps throughout detail process. It does not matter if you have an automatic car wash or if you provide hand car wash services. The quality of the lint free towels will create a beyond satisfactory result that will have your customers returning again and again. You should purchase China manufactured wholesale microfiber towels from that will leave lint free clean results.

Our high quality microfiber towels from Autotowels are often able to absorb several times their weight in water without scratching the paint. It is imperative to find a car wash towel manufacturer that will provide your business with these car wash rags. When you purchase a highly absorbent high quality car drying towel you will use less towels per car wash and detail. Fewer towels used per car will result in a savings for your business when it comes time to clean the towels. The towels are also compatible for auto detailing supplies. Microfiber towels can be used for waxing and buffing. These towels provide the very best finish which results in optimal shine and gleam. The best car drying towels will be lint free rags because there is nothing more frustrating than completely detailing an automobile and working meticulously throughout the buffing and waxing process than to find lint left behind from low quality car detailing towels.

Providing your detail and wash employees with the best microfiber towels available will keep them dedicated and enthused about their work. They will often feel more productive in their job when they are given the best products to work with. Detailing a car can often feel relaxing yet meticulous at the same time. You require a dedicated staff that has an eye for detail and is willing to put in the hard work for a quality cleaning job. There is no need to frustrate them with towels that lack absorbency or towels that will leave behind pesky lint. It can sometimes seem repetitive and exhausting to dry a car and realize the towel used was low quality and left behind streaks on the exterior. Low absorbency towels can also leave streaks on the interior and exterior of the windows which will result in employees needing to repeat their cleaning process for satisfactory results. If your employees are going back and re-cleaning surfaces they are using vital time that could be used on detailing another vehicle.

You will save time, money and frustration by using our high quality auto towels. Your customers will be impressed by the faster turnaround time on their vehicles. Customers that receive a quality detail in a timely manner will often remain repeat customers and quickly recommend your business to friends and family. is a car wash distributor that distributes wholesale microfiber towels to car wash owners, business owners and car dealerships. Our high quality microfiber towels are the best for your business, crew and customers. Your hard working crew of dedicated detailers will be able to focus on cleaning and sanitizing each vehicle without worrying about removing frustrating lint that is often left behind by low quality car detailing towels. Your clean-up crew will have a faster turnaround on providing freshly washed and dried towels for the detail crew to utilize. Fewer towels used will provide your business with lower cleaning expenses and establish a more efficient detailing process. These towels are ready to be shipped directly from our warehouse and can typically arrive within one to three business days.

When it comes to purchasing our lint free microfiber towels wholesale you will notice that we offer increase savings as your order quantity increases. Our lint free China towels are available in 16×26 car wash drying towels for drying cars. These are the ideal size to get any sized vehicle dry. We also manufacture a 16×27 plush towel with edging which is optimal for drying cars windows and the car. Other sizes offered are 16×16 and 15×25. With so many size options offered in our lint free design we are able to provide quality auto towels for any detailing and drying need. We also recognize the importance of waxing and buffing and offer a microfiber wax applicator pad and microfiber applicator sponge to make this process hassle free. By choosing to provide your bulk car wash towels you will know you are giving your car wash and detail shop staff as well as your customers the best possible towels to provide a shining and clean detailed car every time