Becoming a distributor of products has never been easier. Join the fastest growing company in the Automotive Carwash and Detail industry with a minimal investment. 

Here are a list of benefits for becoming a distributor:

  1. Huge supply of merchandise ready to be shipped with your company dealing with China Imports or local non reliable Vendors.
  2. Our Boxes and Towels do not have our name or information on them to help you feel secure with your clients.
  3. High Quality Towels strictly made for the Full Service and Self Service Car Wash company. If you are Chemical company that services Car washes you are a good fit. We are looking for Strategic partnerships in the USA.
  4. We have been in business for 20 years and looking forward to strong longterm relationships. We will help you grow our Car Wash Towel and Car Wash product line.Give us a call or contact us via email !