Wholesale terry cloth car wash towels

When it comes to detailing a car there is a wide assortment of towel sizes that are ideal to get the job done. Many car washes and auto detail shops also utilize color coded towels to depict each step of the process. Other than microfiber towels many car washes and detail shops also use 100% terry cloth car wash towels. These are ideal for many reasons but first let’s discuss how they are used throughout the wash and detail process.

One of the most common uses for terry cloth car wash towels is for waxing and polishing the exterior of the automobile. Depending upon the quality and design of the terry cloth towel it should leave little to no lint behind. Auto Towels has created an extremely plush and absorbent 100% cotton terry cloth lint free towel. Our terry cloth car wash towels are available in 16×27 and come in blue, green, red and white.

One reason why terry cloth car wash towels are preferred over microfiber is their resistance to freezing. Car wash businesses and detail shops that are located in cooler climates rely heavily on terry cloth car wash towels because they will not freeze as easily as microfiber. Many detail and car wash shops that are in regions such as the Midwest and upper East coast will keep an even stock of both microfiber towels and terry cloth because these regions are susceptible to dramatic weather changes even in seasons that should be experiencing mostly fair weather conditions. During these times of drastic weather many vehicles become engrossed in road salt, dust and mud from sleet and snow. Car washes and detail shops experience an influx of motorists that want salt and dirt free vehicles. Terry cloth is also a more durable fabric that is ideal for removing the stuck on road grime that vehicles in these regions are prone to.

Terry cloth car wash towels are also ideal because of their easy care instructions. When it comes to running your car wash and detail shop smoothly you want products that are easy to maintain. Terry cloth is a simple fabric that is low maintenance. Simply wash it with regular detergent. No bleach or fabric softeners should ever be used during the wash process because they can actually fray and break down the fabric which will result in lint. This will reduce its absorbency. Dry the towels on low without any dryer sheets.

As far as ordering your terry cloth car wash towels, no need to look any further! Auto Towels has a fantastic selection of car wash towels to meet all of your businesses wash, dry and detail needs. Customers can order directly from our website at www.autotowels.com or place phone orders at (213) 236-9780. We offer discounts on large bulk orders of our terry cloth towels as well as our microfiber car wash and drying towels. Our team of dedicated order processing professionals will be able to assist you with placing your order. All orders placed will ship out within one to three business days.