Car wash wholesale microfiber towels

As a car wash or detail shop owner and operator you know the value of a high quality microfiber towel for your business. It is counterproductive to purchase a low price and low quality towel because even if you save on large bulk orders you will end up replacing those towels several times throughout a busy wash and detail season.

Finding a company that is able to give you a high quality, absorbent and super plush microfiber towel along with a great retail price is one of the challenges that car wash owners and detail shop owners face. Auto Towels understands the need to purchase these superior towels at discounted price. We have been servicing car washes and detail shops from coast to coast in the United States and our customers continually return when it is time to stock up on their car wash microfiber towels once again.

Auto Towels has two distribution locations in the United States. One is in Greenville South Carolina and the other is in Los Angeles California. These locations are ideal for shipping anywhere within the continental US. Our manufacturing plant is based in China. At any given time we keep four million microfiber towels in stock and ready to ship within one to three business days. This means you never have to worry about getting caught short supplied during your busy season. We can fulfil any sized order promptly.

The car wash microfiber towels are available in:
16×26 Auto Towels
16×27 Auto Towels
16×16 Auto Towels
15×25 Auto Towels
We also offer a 16 x 27 100% cotton terry cloth car wash towel. These are ideal for cold weather washes and details.  Car wash towels are also available in up to a dozen color varieties (depending upon the size of the towel). We also offer discounted pricing for our customers that place large car wash microfiber towel bulk orders. This means that the larger the order placed the greater the savings we are able to a pass down to the customer. We are able to do this because we have cut out the middle man. Our towels all ship factory direct.

Car washes and detail shops rely on high quality microfiber towels and Microfiber Wax Applicator Sponge because they make the entire washing, detailing and drying process more simplistic. When a wash and detail crew are working with high quality products the job will take less time. Low quality towels often leave behind threads, dust and lint. This means once the job is done and the crew is doing a once over to make sure everything is satisfactory they often must allocate more time to removing any lint and debris that has been dropped from the towel.

This is time wasted that could be spent working on the next car in line for a wash and detail. It can be extremely frustrating for a detail crew to be required to go back and clean towel remnants that never should have been there in the first place.  Auto Towels high quality car wash microfiber towels are lint free. They are woven so tightly that they literally attract debris and dirt while your wash and detail technicians are performing their tasks.  Make the switch from drab and poorly designed microfiber towels to Auto Towels impressive ultra-plush and super absorbent towels today!