Wholesale Car wash Drying towels

Car wash drying towels are an important part of the car wash business. There are towels designed, and often color coded, for each process of the wash but the drying towels are the ones that finish the job. The end result of each wash and detail is what keeps your valued customers returning to your car wash or detail shop. Your team of dedicated wash and detail experts can perform a perfect detail and wash but if the supplies that they are utilizing are not high quality the end result could end up lacking. There is nothing more frustrating than performing a top notch detail and finding lint and debris left behind from substandard towels. Your customers want to pick up their vehicle and see it gleaming and shining without and residue or textile remnants left behind.

Auto Towels is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality microfiber towel and terry cloth car wash and drying towels. Our drying towels are superior because of the quality of our microfiber. Professional microfiber will have a cling like texture to it.  The car wash drying towel will attempt to stick to your hand while you are holding it. This is because of the loop design in the fabric. Our microfiber car wash drying towels are created to hold more than four times their weight in liquid. Their ultra-plush design is super absorbent.

How are super absorbent towels beneficial? This is a two-fold answer. When you are utilizing super absorbent microfiber car wash drying towels you will be able to complete each dry process with fewer towels. This means one towel will do the work of several lesser quality towels. You will go through less of your towel inventory on a daily basis because these towels are out-performing the competitions towels. Secondly, because you are using fewer towels you are essentially providing laundry service to less towels. This means you will save upfront by buying high quality towels and then save again by conserving water and utilities in the washing and drying process of the car wash drying towel laundry process.

Auto Towels is a wholesale direct auto towels manufacturer and distributor. We have two distribution locations in the United States. Because we are able to cut out the middle man and ship directly to our customers we are known for our competitive pricing on all of our car wash and detail towels. Our car wash drying towels are available in a variety of colors and sizes.  We also provide 100% cotton terry cloth car wash drying towels for our customers with businesses in cooler climates. We also offer discounted pricing on our larger bulk wholesale auto towel orders.

Washing and detailing cars at your business has never been easier than when you utilize the high quality car wash drying towels from Auto Towels. Our customers return time and time again because we offer a product that has consistently provided their employees with the best quality towel to perform an exemplary wash, dry and detail for all of their clients automobiles.