Wholesale Towels for car wash business

You would not get out of your shower and use a wash rag to dry off with. With this in mind you should not consider using just any towel when it comes time to clean your vehicle. If you are a DIY car wash and detail officiant then you will want to stock your home detail cabinet with the best quality products available to keep your vehicle looking pristine.

When you take your car to a local car wash and detail shop you are often left with a vehicle that has no lint or streaks. Your automobile looks as impressive as the day you bought it and you are proud to be seen cruising around your town in such a spectacular ride. You want to show off your tidy vehicle because you are impressed. If you are hoping to mimic these results at home between professional details you can acquire similar results by using professional grade products.

Auto Towels is a go-to distributor for large orders to car washes and detail shops across the United States. We also are able to process smaller orders for private owners that wish to keep up the professional looking clean while they are between details and washes.

Car wash towels must be made of superior quality microfiber that is extremely absorbent yet plush. The fabric will almost stick to your skin while you are holding it because of how impressively woven the textile is. This gripping action is actually what traps and locks dirt and debris from the surface of your car. When you are wiping the exterior of your vehicle you must use well designed microfiber that will trap and lock. This will prevent surface scratches from resulting in debris being scraped across the surface from less than impressive textiles.

Microfiber is the typical go-to fabric when it comes to car wash towels but 100% cotton terry cloth car wash towels are equally as impressive. If you reside in cooler climates you will actually benefit from using terry cloth due to its durability during harsher weather. Terry cloth car wash towels manufactured by Auto Towels are lint free and heavy weight as well as absorbent. These towels are ideal for all steps of the cleaning process.

It is important to purchase superior car wash towels the first time you purchase them. Cheap towels that are designed poorly will fall apart. As they fall apart they will leave behind lint and debris. The Auto Towels car wash towels are strongly constructed to last through seasons of washes and details when they are properly cared for. Our car wash towels are also available in large bulk order purchase for our business owning customers that require a larger inventory of towels. We keep millions of towels in stock at our two US distribution locations so that we can quickly ship orders of all sizes to any of our customers.