Bulk car was microfiber towels

Washing your automobile has never been easier then when you are using Auto Towels car wash microfiber towels. Our towels are designed to strategically trap and lock dirt, debris and even lint away from your vehicle’s surface. This means your car will shine without left behind imperfections each time. Car wash owners and detail shop owners continually turn to the high quality and Super plush designed microfiber towels that Auto Towels has been providing for years. Our expertly woven textile acts as a magnet to dirt and dust. Ultra-absorbent microfiber can absorb more than four times its weight in fluid.

This means more water will be retained in each cloth throughout the wash and dry process. When you need extra water to be expelled onto your vehicle during the wash process our towels can provide it. When you need the excess water absorbed during the final drying process our towels pull the water off the vehicles surface instantly.

Car wash microfiber towels are simple to care for. They machine wash with detergent only. Fabric softeners and boosters are discouraged because they can actually damage the textile and make it less absorbent. Once the towels have been washed they can either be dried on a very low heat setting or left to air dry. They dry extremely quickly and are promptly ready for use again once they are cleaned.

Why are microfiber towels the best choice for most car washes and detail shops? The answer is simple. High quality microfiber will last through hundreds of washes, details and dry processes when they are cared for properly. Following basic washing instructions will prolong the life of your microfiber car wash towels. They make the best choice because the fabric is extremely plush. The fabric is nonabrasive and will not scratch the exterior paint of the vehicle.

The expertly woven design of Auto Towels microfiber towels will trap all dirt and debris within the towel. You will not need to worry about a piece of surface debris clinging to the outer surface of the towel and creating small scratches throughout the washing and drying process. Our towels are also low lint to lint free. This means once the detail is complete there will not be threads or lint left behind that require removal. Some climates do benefit from keeping our 100% cotton terry cloth car wash towels on hand. Terry cloth holds up better in more extreme climates than microfiber. A balanced stock of both microfiber car wash towels and terry cloth car wash towels is best for car washes and detail shops in climate zones that experience all four seasons annually.

Auto Towels has a wide variety of car wash microfiber towels. We also have up to a dozen color choices for some of our towels. This makes color coded car wash processes more effective. Our team of order processing professionals is available online or via phone at 213-236-9780 to help place and process any sized order today!