Bulk Terry Cloth Towels

Removing road grime from a vehicle can be quite a tedious task. Sometimes dirt and mud can become stuck on and this is not good for the exterior paint on the car. In addition to the grimy conditions on the outside of the vehicle it is extremely easy to accidentally transfer debris and dirt into the car if an excessive amount is on the outside. This might sound like an extreme situation but it is far from it for many motorists. Many regions within the continental United States experience extreme conditions that can result in mud and sludge on the outside of the automobile.

California can experience quite a bit of mud during rainy seasons. The same is true for Florida and the golf coast. When tropical storms and even hurricanes hammer the region the streets will flood from elevated water levels. This will cause ground dirt and debris to cling to cars that are parked outside. Arizona and New Mexico also experience monsoons and dust storms that can create layers of grime on a vehicle. The excessively frigid temperatures will then freeze the mud colored slush to the vehicle. In some cases inches of frozen muddy slush must be removed from the exterior of a vehicle. Auto Towels understands its important to keep your car clean at all times, that is why we create high quality towels.

These are all prime examples of why people seek out the professional cleaning services provided by car washes and detail shops. In many cases it is simply out of a typical person’s field of expertise to safely remove the exterior grime and bring their vehicle back to its previous luster.

Car wash owners and detail shops know that there are certain types of towels and products to use during each step of the cleaning process for cars experiencing these extreme levels of dirt and grime. Microfiber car wash towels are ideal for people living in temperate zones and for regular washes and details. These extreme cases require towels that can be a bit sturdier and heavier to help thoroughly remove all of the coated on dirt from the vehicles exterior.

Terry cloth car wash towels are absolutely ideal for cleaning needs during these extreme situations. They are manufactured as a heavier textile that is up for the job when it comes to removing caked on dirt. The terry cloth car wash towel can be used both the interior and the exterior of the car. In harsher climates it will hold up to colder temperatures well and will not freeze. These towels are also ideal for cleaning the tires and rims on vehicles. They will naturally remove and trap dirt that is stuck. When cared for properly a terry cloth car wash towel can last several seasons.