Bulk Car wash drying towels

Spending a lot of time establishing a meticulously clean car can be ruined by a less than satisfactory end result. When you use car wash drying towels that are poorly constructed they can leave behind lint and trace amounts of debris that will easily be visually spotted. This is absolutely avoidable. As a car wash owner or detail shop owner you want to give your employees the best tools possible to help them achieve a quality wash, dry and detail for all of your customers.

The finished detail is what will leave your customers recommending your business and returning continually. Auto Towels is an industry leader when it comes to providing high quality car wash towels. We offer our towels in a vast variety of sizes and colors to accommodate all aspects of the wash and detail. The colors are for our customers who prefer using color coded towels throughout their details.

If you do not work in the detail industry but enjoy taking care of your vehicle on your own you may be wondering what the difference is in using professional grade towels compared to the towels you may find at a local auto supply shop. The answer is simple; the care and quality. Auto Towels professionally packs and sends the towels directly to their purchaser. The towels are handled with care and they are manufactured with high quality microfiber that will literally attract the dirt and debris like a magnet.

Detailing your car at home can be very fulfilling but you want to make sure you use high quality professional grade cleaning products. This means all of your wax, wash and polish as well as your application sponges and towels need to be constructed in a way that they will not damage your vehicle. Harsh abrasive chemicals can cause fading and scratches and the same is true for towels.

You will want to use ultra-plush microfiber towel because it will trap more than four times its weight in liquid. One well-constructed Auto Towel microfiber towel will easily absorb more water than multiple towels from our competitions. This will make the drying process go by effortlessly. If you live in cooler climates you will want to utilize our 100% cotton low-lint terry cloth towels. These hold up best in cooler weather and can easily tackle those winter cleanings that remove road salt, dirt and grime from snow, slush and sleet.  

When you utilize these extremely soft yet absorbent car wash drying towels you will notice immediately how all of the surface dirt is pulled and locked into the towel. Once you begin drying you will not need to wring out the towel as frequently and when you do it will seem as though it is nearly dry once it has expelled all contained water. The same towel will be used multiple times throughout the drying process. You will also notice that no lint, debris or water spots are left behind on the surface of your vehicle. This is because of the high absorbency that each Auto Towels car wash drying towel is created with, contact us to place your order.