Terry Cloth Towels for Car Wash

Terry cloth is created with cotton and is constructed with loops that cover the entire surface of the fabric. These fabric loops are highly absorbent and ideal for car wash towels. Terry cloth car wash towels are best used for drying the exterior of the vehicle during the cleaning process. They also hold up extremely well for car washes and detail shops located in colder climates. If your business is in a region that experiences multiple seasons yearly then it is great to keep both terry cloth car wash towels and microfiber car wash towels on hand to meet the needs of your customers year round.

Terry cloth car wash towels are bulkier than microfiber car wash towels but each serves an important purpose when it comes to cleaning vehicles. The Terry cloth towels can leave behind a bit of lint while microfiber towels are completely lint free. After a terry cloth car wash towel is properly “broken in” it will not lint. Our high quality terry cloth towels do not produce lint. The general care for terry cloth car wash towels is that they need to be washed in hot water before they are used. Standard detergent is ideal but fabric softener can compromise the absorbency factors of the towel. Dryer sheets can also reduce absorbency. Bleach should never be used on terry cloth towels because it can break down the

fibers and increase the probability of lint. Old terry cloth towels should be washed with older towels and new towels should only be washed with new towels. Terry cloth towels are great for waxing and polishing the exterior of the car. The loop design in the fabric effortlessly removes any grit that may have been stubborn and stuck on throughout the wash process. Maintaining a well-trained laundry care staff for your car wash is imperative in producing organized and properly washed car wash towels. Microfiber towels should never be laundered with terry cloth towels.

Auto Towels offers our terry cloth car wash towels in 16” x 27” and in 4 color varieties. We currently feature white, blue, red and green for all color coding cleaning needs. These absorbent, versatile and soft towels will make a great addition to your car wash and detail shop inventory. We have two locates within the United States; Greenville South Carolina and Los Angeles California. These locations are strategically located on each coast so that we can easily ship our auto towel orders to clients anywhere within the US. All orders placed big or small, ship within one to three business days. We also keep over four million towels in stock so that we can accommodate any sized order of microfiber car wash towels or terry cloth car wash towels. Your business runs smoothly when it is stocked with the best quality products and the most precisely trained staff. Our business is supplying your car wash and/or detail shop with those high quality car wash towels to keep your staff well supplied and able to produce high quality washes and details for your customers.